Xiaowu( Shirley) Tang教授学术报告

报告题目:Nanocarbon-Bio Hybrid Materials: Chemistry and Applications
报告时间:2019年 7月23日上午10点
报告人:Xiaowu (Shirley) Tang 


    Professor Xiaowu (Shirley) Tang joined the Department of Chemistry & Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) at the University of Waterloo (UW) in 2006. Currently, she is the Associate Dean of Science, Research, and a member of the Board of Directors for WIN. During 2014-2017, she served as the Director of Nanotechnology Engineering (NE) program, Canada’s only undergraduate NE program. Prior to joining UW, she received her Ph.D. from MIT and pursued postdoctoral work at Stanford University. She also had 3 years of industrial experience in silicon valley, California, and is a co-founder of LeNano Diagnostics, Inc, a company incorporated in 2016. Her work has led to publications on prestigious journals, such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biotechnology, Journal of American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Nano Research, as well as patent applications, multiple industrial partnerships, media reports, and invited lectures. Prof. Tang received the Leader’s Opportunity Award from Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) in 2008 and the Stars in Global Health Award from Grand Challenges Canada in 2012, Award for Outstanding Mid-Career Achievements in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, NanoOntario, in 2018.


    Controlled assembly of biopolymers, minerals, and carbon nanostructures, specifically graphene, carbon nanotube (CNT), and their chemical derivatives, can lead to nanocarbon-bio hybrids that not only impart specific bio-functionalities but also possess extraordinary physical and chemical properties. In this talk, I will present our recent progress in the creation of advanced materials and devices through hierarchical organization of nanocarbon-bio hybrids. Examples include CNT and graphene oxide nano-porous membranes, sp2-C incorporated 3D tissue scaffolds, and various C/inorganic hybrid architectures. Our main interests are to develop new material and surface chemistries for material synthesis, to pursue fundamental studies on interface dictated phenomena, and to explore potential applications, especially in biosensing, tissue engineering, and 3D bioprinting. I will also offer perspectives on nanoscience and nanotechnology in general.


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